A Digital Native 

Dan has been playing with computers since the age of 7 - some of his earliest memories consist of trying to figure out how the DOS command line worked while waiting for his mom (a 1982 graduate of WWU's Computer Science Program) to finish up work in her office at Morse Hardware in Bellingham. 


Fast forward a few decades, Dan found himself working on the 2008 Obama campaign and being completely blown away by the advent of social media, smartphones, and a website put together by the Obama digital team that seemed to blend the web and the real world seamlessly. In fact, the site did his job (campaign field organizer) arguably better than he did. Designed by a number of Silicon Valley heavyweights including Mark Zuckerberg, seeing this technology in action planted a seed in Dan’s mind: the future of communication and community was digital.

After running a few more political campaigns, he made the move to agency life, signing on with Bellingham based web and media house Gravit Digital. There he learned what the web was really capable of and operated as a project manager and copywriter. He also learned a great deal about properly leveraging photography and video. 

After stints at other Bellingham-based agencies, Red Rokk, and Big Fresh, he decided to strike out on his own - putting a number of theories and experimental approaches to digital marketing to test. Now, along with a small team, he works with organizations all over the world, devising marketing plans, improving efficiency with digital tools, creating content and providing actionable data to improve the bottom line. 

Get in touch with him: dan@joycodigital.com

Dan's side job.