A few selected case studies from the Joyco archives. While we're a bit vague on specifics (we wouldn't want to give away our secret sauce), we're big on results. In fact, while we've generated millions of website clicks and tens of thousands of interactions on social media, we consider all these numbers vanity metrics. What matters most is a correlation between what we do and how much money our clients make. So read on, and see how the cash flows!


33 is a magic number @ Hotel Bellwether 

The Hotel Bellwether's Lighthouse Bar and Grill put on some high priced buffets for a number of holidays. Their spring events include brunches for Easter and Mother's Day. Coming at a price point of $44.95, these events rarely exceed more than 300 attendees. We were asked to make Mother's Day brunch 2018 the biggest one yet.

Embracing challenges is a core ethos of our company, so we set to work. Utilizing a selection of photography we'd gathered from a previous event, we set out on an ambitious content project, including strategic posts and targeted ads on Facebook, a few email blasts, and a proper customer funnel on their website, we were able to increase attendance by over 33%, which meant a revenue growth of over $4000 for the event. Not bad for a day's take.

Staff and management at the Bellwether had routinely relied on local print and radio to get the word out for their events. By augmenting their outreach with targeted digital marketing, utilizing a proper content editorial calendar, and devising a number of messages for different audience segments, we were able to appeal to a diverse group of people. The numbers speak for themselves.

Day of Facebook post

Day of Facebook post

We pride ourselves on our ability to assimilate into a team, and ongoing operations. By augmenting the ongoing marketing activities of the Bellwether, we were able to help create a more effective marketing package, keep the Bellwether internal team involved, and produce results.


Lummi Island Wild's $40,000 Day

What do you do when online sales have flagged and you need a revenue boost for the month? You put on a sale. But not just any sale, an extravaganza of the freshest, most delicious seafood in the world. 

Lummi Island Wild are known for their incredibly sustainable Reefnet Fishery, which is located in Legoe Bay, off of Lummi Island. In addition, as fishmongers, the partners at Lummi Island Wild work with tribal fishermen, and select boats up and down the Pacific Coast. They sell their wares in grocery stores, co-ops, and markets all over the Pacific Northwest, and have been hard at work growing their online marketplace. 

Our past work with them has yielded online store growth of 125% (substantially outpacing Google's internal teams, whom were hired later for comparative tests), and over 850,000 Facebook page views as they spearheaded cleanup efforts in the Salish Sea after a net pen collapse. Our PR collaboration with them helped get their name and story on the AP wire, and their team invited on numerous broadcasts including NPR, and the CBC, among others. 

However, what do you do when you're not in the news and the web traffic isn't flowing? In the case of Lummi Island Wild, they decided a fish sale was in order. Utilizing a combination of live videos, a strong editorial calendar, email blasts, and a little help from their friends at the local co-opSustainable Connections, and a few others, we got out the word to hungry locals. 

The sale did exceptionally well, online and offline

The sale did exceptionally well, online and offline

We put on a small party complete with a grill and a few vendors on site, and were able to sell over 4,000 lbs of fish in 6 hours. Many people who'd never heard of or tried Lummi Island Wild's product were able to get a taste for the first time - and now many are diehard fans of the Lummi Island Wild brand of fresh, ethically sourced fish.


Monthly revenue growth of 25%? Mykonos Restaurant and Lounge says "Yes Please"

The Family business is as American as apple pie. Tie in a story of immigrants done good, and you've got quite the story of Americana. The clan behind the delicious Greek food at Mykonos Restaurant and Lounge was in the midst of a shake up, with the kids taking over for their parents after 40 years of hard work, and they wanted to avoid the dreaded "second generation curse" (the statistic that only 30 percent of family-owned businesses make it through the second generation). 

They knew that word-of-mouth wasn't going to cut it forever, and despite a loyal following of regulars, that growth was imperative to survival. Looking to refresh their image and reach a new generation of customers, they turned to Joyco with aggressive growth goals, and a need to improve their rating on various review sites. 

What started with a photo shoot has become a marketing juggernaut - a growth in 5 star reviews across sites like Yelp, Google Reviews, and Facebook, a strong social media presence which attracts, retains, and makes clients into evangelists. Revenue has increased month after month, growing into 6 figures with no sign of stopping. In addition, the restaurant has a growing side catering business - people can't get enough Mykonos! 

2018 Yelp ratings for Mykonos Greek Restaurant

2018 Yelp ratings for Mykonos Greek Restaurant

As the relationship has evolved, Joyco has helped with everything from talent recruitment to menu-redesigns, to R&D for a potential sauce company. It's a great example of finding the right partner to meet your goals!